Thursday, May 2, 2019

Papa Gio's (East Orlando)

     It's the first episode of Season 2, so we naturally had to leave the comfy confines of countdown county, and headed to East  Orlando. Papa Gio's of East Orlando to be exact, and boy were we surprised to see it smack dab next to a Pizza Hut. We won't mention that place anymore, but it is worth mentioning.

     We walked into a open seating area with booths and tables. Traditional style walk up ordering with table service. The staff greeted us with friendly smiles and a willingness to help. We did our usual order of a large pizza and it came fast. Piping hot and smelling good.

     The pizza was everything you want in a pepperoni pie. Good flavors that mingle together and make your mouth happy. The pepperoni tasted like a traditional pork and beef blend, while the Grandé cheese was thick and stringy. Guy had a problem with the sauce being too thin, but Other Guy believed it to be somewhere between a wet sauce and a traditional style sauce, or a hybrid of the two. Either way, it was a nice robust sauce that went well with all the other ingredients.

    The crust was light and fluffy with a light crunch to the outside, that stood up even as the pizza cooled. There was no denying that this was a good pizza, and if you want to see our immediate reactions to this wonderful pie, check out our video below.

     If you watched the video, then you already know the rating, but we'll give it to you again anyway. For having a clean dining area and visibly clean kitchen from that dining area, clean bathrooms, friendly staff, and a fantastic pizza, we give Papa Gio's 5 dancing pepperoni. We completely recommend taking a drive to East Orlando to give Papa Gio's a try.

     Guy Here, with a reheat update: I did something different with the reheat, I used a conventional oven. I set the temperature at 450, once the oven hit the temp, I placed the couple of slices dead center on a pizza pan. It only took 5 minutes before it was ready. This pizza reheats exceptionally well. The crust was maintained its texture and flavor. Grande cheese is perfect for reheating pizza and this pie was no different. This pie reheat was excellent. Completely enjoyed it. Definitely worth buying more pizza and reheating leftovers.

     If you would like more information on Papa Gio's you can go to their website here, Papa Gio's East Orlando. Don't forget that you can follow us on social media at the links below.

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